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Quality is not just a promise, but a commitment.


Aforte Ltd. offers comprehensive services in infrastructure and construction projects. Our main activities include heavy earthworks, land leveling, humus spreading, embankment and dam construction, waterworks projects, environmental tasks, and freight transportation. Aforte Ltd. strives for quality, efficiency, and sustainability in every undertaken project.

Machine park

Aforte Ltd. is equipped with the latest, high-performance machinery specifically designed for various infrastructure and construction projects. Our machinery includes controlled excavators, earthwork compactors, bulldozers, rubber-tracked excavators, and four-axle trucks for transportation tasks. By utilizing cutting-edge technological advancements, we are capable of efficiently and swiftly executing large-scale projects. Our company is committed to continuous technological development to ensure the provision of the best possible services to our clients.

Pipe bursting

Aforte Ltd. plays a prominent role in the field of pipe bursting technology. This modern and efficient solution enables fast and cost-effective replacement of pipelines. With our Tracto Technik Grundoburst 800G pipe bursting machine, we are capable of replacing pipes with a wide range of diameters. We execute every project on time and in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring high-quality workmanship and minimizing environmental impact.

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